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Canada Central NYI has encouraged youth and young adults to be part of mission trips that are planned by the local churches, partnerships the District NYI has, and global NYI initiatives.

NYI has partnered with Books In Hands since 2010.  NYI has served teachers and students at over 37 rural elementary schools on 5 mission trips.  A 6th trip is planned for 2016.


Many local churches have sent teams to Cuba to partner with sister churches.  Those teams have always welcomed teens and young adults.

The Sharing Place, Toronto, welcomes groups to prepare and serve meals to those in need in that area.



Refresh is a unique program designed to create a strong sense of community, and improve the living conditions of those living in homes provided by Toronto Community Housing. This program runs in July. Volunteers from across Toronto and beyond join forces with local residents to paint the interior of their homes, eat together, and provide a variety of volunteer services designed to develop a network of neighbourhood support.


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